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www.dsiegel.com He is said to be one of the first who created a blog.
www.computingminimalism.org Cameo Demons webseite
www.gaborcselle.com The Xobni guy
paulbuchheit.blogspot.com The guy, who wrote "The first thing that you need to understand about humans".
www.johnreel.com The "I was rich and I will do it again soon" guy
ondras.zarovi.cz Writes some great stuff.
www.flownet.com Ron Garret. The guy who wrote "Why CSS should not be used for layout" which is here: www.flownet.com/ron/css-rant.html
www.maximise.dk Max Kim Tobiasen Lives on a boat and writes about "economy, startups, technology and life as we know it"
www.richardspindler.com Lifestyle Artist
www.kevinohashi.com Has an amazing data mining startup in the making
www.jamesaltucher.com coder, writer, entrepreneur
blog.davejafari.com Started to start a business on 2012-03-05. Lets see what will happen.
infinite-josiah.blogspot.com Thunderbird Contributor